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First Aid at Work Initial

FIrst Aid at Work - Initial: 

A health and Safety approved course designed to give candidates effective skills in both the practical tasks and theoretical knowledge of first aid.  On completion candidates would be able to deal competently with injuries and/or illnesses and maintain the care and comfort of the casualty in the initial stages until professional help arrives.


Principles in First Aid                Recovery Positions               

Basic Hygiene                           Strokes

Treatment of Bleeding              Fractures/Dislocations            

Anaphylactic shock                   First Aid Kits/Supplies      

Resucitation                               Initial Assessments of  Incident

Burns & Scalds                          Eye Injuries        Soft Tissue injuries

Siezures                                      Asthma                Record Keeping

Choking                                       Shock/Fainting    

Injury/Illness Assessment        Heart Attacks/Angina

Diabetes                                      Poisons, gasses and Fumes

Unconsiousness/Levels of Response

Course Dates

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