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Traffic Controller Banksman

Traffic Controller Banksman:


Most accidents occur as a result of poor observation and an inability of the driver to judge the length of the vehicle and pivotal point of the rear axles.

Reversing requires the application of basic mechanical principles and all round observation on the driver’s part.

This aim of this course is to provide delegates with the necessary skills to control vehicles on-site or other places of work


• Statutory requirements (INDG 148) & The Workplace (Health Safety & Welfare Regs.’92

• Writing and implementing a traffic control assessment

• The role of the Banksman, security staff and visiting drivers

• Legal consequences

• Importance of mirror use

• Importance of assisted reversing

• Reversing 90˚ left

• Reversing 90˚ right

• Reversing around obstacles

• Reversing up to loading bays

• RIDDOR requirements

• Legal consequences

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